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About Digital Art / Professional Official Beta Tester 채린21/Female/South Korea Group :iconheartpuff: Heartpuff
Tiny powder-puff aliens!
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Chibi Bases

P2U CHIBI SET - 200 pts! by PikiruP2U CHIBI SET - 200 pts! by Pikiru
P2U Base Set - 200 pts! by PikiruP2U Base Set - 200 pts! by Pikiru
P2U CHIBI SET - 300 pts! by PikiruP2U CHIBI SET - 300 pts! by Pikiru
P2U (Purchase to Use) chibi bases! See what people made with them, here!…

Heartpuff (closed species)

What are Heartpuffs?

Standing at a cute 6cm tall, Heartpuffs are tiny powder-puff aliens from a small distant planet. They are easily recognizable for their signature heart-shaped puffs in their ears along with a large puffy heart-shaped tail. Since they are extremely soft and fragile, Heartpuffs reside inside a compact case that resembles a pocket sized UFO. To keep your Heartpuff happy and healthy, they need to be handled with care and bathed every few weeks with warm water and soap.

Read more about Heartpuffs here!

Heartpuff Compact

Heartpuff Compacts

A Heartpuff’s compact is a home where they can be carried around by their owner safely, and comfortably. (Heartpuffs are very small and fragile so they cannot be handled roughly) The Heartpuffs reach our planet through their compacts, which acts as something similar to a UFO.

Read more about Heartpuff Compacts here!



MYO Heartpuff [OPEN]

Sun Aug 23, 2015, 11:14 AM

Make Your Own Heartpuff

MYO Heartpuffs can only be traded/gifted. Do NOT resell your MYO Heartpuff under any circumstances.


MYO = Make your own

This means you can create and design your own Heartpuff OC if you purchase a slot!


Price / FAQ / Rules

$35 or 3500 :points: per slot (1 slot = 1 Heartpuff)


1. Note me if you'd like to claim a slot(s)

2. I will confirm your slot(s) and send you my paypal email or direct you to the commission widget on my profile if you are paying with points.

3. After I receive the payment, you can get started on designing your Heartpuff!

4. When you're done creating, NOTE ME to get your design approved by me!

5. I will add your Heartpuff in the official MYO Heartpuff masterlist! Enjoy your new Heartpuff OC! <3


Q: Can I make a male Heartpuff?

A: Yes!

Q: Can I make a Babypuff?
A: Yes! You can choose between a Heartpuff or a Babypuff.

Q: Is there a deadline for designing my MYO Heartpuff?
A: Nope! Please take your time and have fun!

Q: Can I commission someone to design/draw my MYO Heartpuff for me?
A: Yes!

Q: With my slot, can I turn my existing OC into a Heartpuff?
A: You can definitely do that if you wish to!

Q: Can we use a base?
A: Yes! Here are some of mine that you can purchase to use!

P2U CHIBI BASE SET - 200 pts! by Pikiru P2U Base Set - 200 pts! by Pikiru P2U CHIBI SET - 300 pts! by Pikiru

If you have any other questions, please comment or note me and I will get back to you ASAP! <3


Bullet; Red Do not EVER use your Heartpuff for profit/commercial use. PERSONAL USE ONLY.

Bullet; Red You have the rights to the design but please credit me as the species creator.
Bullet; Red NO refunds and NO reselling your slot/MYO Heartpuff. Please only buy a slot if you are serious and truly want to make your own Heartpuff or gift one for a friend.

Heartpuff Species Reference

Important things to note when creating your new Heartpuff:

References:  3D RENDER COMMISSIONS [CLOSED] by Pikiru Heartpuff Species Concept Art by Pikiru Heartpuff Compact Reference by Pikiru

1. EARS: They have heart-puffs inside both ears. Females have small bow ribbons on the middle of the puffs and males do not. (please see reference)

2. TAIL: All Heartpuffs have a big puffy heart-shaped tail with a ribbon in the center. (please see reference)

3. COMPACT: Please DO NOT design a new compact design. Heartpuff compacts can only look different in color, there can be no compact that has patterns or anything "special" on them!

Heartpuff in the Making

Please note me with your final design when you are done! <3 No rush though, please take your time!
(If you are not on this journal, do not design your own Heartpuff. Thank you!)

1. :iconharukatsune: 2.  3. :iconsueweetie: 4. :iconmublanche: 5. :iconbaymaxbby: 6. :iconmdleine: 7. :iconcappuchi: 8. :iconkawiku: 9. :iconchanz-diri: 10. :iconpinkstickerz: 11. :iconelirel: 12. :icontsundear: 13. :iconmiyunie: 14. :iconistasha: 15. :iconyukililu: 16. :iconraquach: 17. :iconpiffi-adoptables: 18. :icontetsu-desu: 19. :iconendstart: 20. :iconmiiachuu: 21. :iconparis-chan: 22. :iconmiumeii: 23. :iconchibitea: 24. :iconxanacristinamg: 25. :iconpaichii: 26. :iconyukina-chi: 27. :icontackytician: 28. :iconlucciolacrown: 29. :iconlucciolacrown: 30. :iconvanny-nyah: 31. :iconbonnii: 32. :iconairesfalls: 33. :iconoksa-nya: 34. :iconmufifins: 35. :iconparfywarfy: 36. :iconnyxium: 37. :iconshecatigans: 38. :iconmamuemu: 39. :iconhomuah: 40. :iconfran-kha: 41. :iconpaeonn: 42. :iconpaeonn: 43. :iconkiyomoi: 44. :iconitsrieuna: 45. :iconmotaii: 46. :iconsoftyheart001: 47. :iconsoftyheart001: 48. :iconcharurin: 49. :iconby-mk: 50. :iconby-mk: 51. :iconjupiterjaw: 52. :iconjupiterjaw: 53. :iconmarsharino: 54. :iconsakura20010: 55. :iconxmireille-chanx: 56. :iconmlg-illustrations: 57. :iconskeleowl: 58. :iconjianaiko: 59. :iconriinasuu: 60. :iconwaxseashells: 61. :icondelquaza:
If you are not on this journal, do not design your own Heartpuff. Thank you!


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Your Korean name is cute :3
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These people sell your lines in a Facebook group (Adoptables <Sonic, Furry, etc>)(Trace the lines and sell them)

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Pikiru by CuteTape

i made this for you !! <3 hope you like it <3 she's a gorgeous character
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I'm in shock???? Thank you for the watch, your art is seriously super pretty and those designs are ispirational <33
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