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Heartpuff (closed species)

What are Heartpuffs?

Standing at a cute 6cm tall, Heartpuffs are tiny powder-puff aliens from a small distant planet. They are easily recognizable for their signature heart-shaped puffs in their ears along with a large puffy heart-shaped tail. Since they are extremely soft and fragile, Heartpuffs reside inside a compact case that resembles a pocket sized UFO. To keep your Heartpuff happy and healthy, they need to be handled with care and bathed every few weeks with warm water and soap.

Read more about Heartpuffs here!

Heartpuff Compact

Heartpuff Compacts

A Heartpuff’s compact is a home where they can be carried around by their owner safely, and comfortably. (Heartpuffs are very small and fragile so they cannot be handled roughly) The Heartpuffs reach our planet through their compacts, which acts as something similar to a UFO.

Read more about Heartpuff Compacts here!


3D Compact Renders by SooloKim


Emergency Commissions!

Bedtime Heartpuff [3 OPEN, AUCTION]Hey guys! I made more Bedtime Heartpuffs! This time they are all equipped with my favorite bed time essential: cute sleep/eye masks! <3
 I hope you like them! Please bid below if you are interested in adopting one! Thank you so much for looking! <3

AUCTION End time: August 1st 8:00pm (GMT+9)

SB: $50
Min bid increment: $5
AB: $200

:bulletblue:Serious bidders only please!
:bulletblue: No holds, payment must be made once the auction ends.
:bulletblue: Personal use only! DO NOT use Heartpuffs for commercial use.
:bulletblue: Do not change their overall design too much, I will need to see changes.
:bulletblue: Once adopted, you will receive the original files and rights to the character.
:bulletblue: Please remember to credit me for the design and species creator! I really apprecia
Pikiru Emergency Commissions! [OPEN]Hi guys! I'm opening emergency commissions! I can't go into too much detail because of privacy reasons, but a few days ago my mom had to schedule an important surgery...she has been holding it off for a few years because we couldn't afford it, but now it's gotten so bad that she finally has no choice but to do it. She'll be having the operation on the 25th, and she will have to undergo special treatment for about a year or so to get better. This is putting a lot of emotional and financial burden on my family, so I want to help lessen that burden by helping out with the huge surgery cost. I managed to cover a small portion of it with my entire savings, but that is not enough. If you were ever considering commissioning me, adopting a Heartpuff, or even purchasing a Heartpuff MYO slot, now is the best time! I really need your support more than ever! (Merch will be on a hiatus for a while because of this too, I'm sorry!) I listed below all the work I am taking. These will no

MYO Heartpuff [OPEN]

Sun Aug 23, 2015, 11:14 AM

Make Your Own Heartpuff

MYO Heartpuffs can only be traded/gifted. Do NOT resell your MYO Heartpuff under any circumstances.


MYO = Make your own

This means you can create and design your own Heartpuff OC if you purchase a slot!


Price / FAQ / Rules

$35 or 3500 :points: per slot (1 slot = 1 Heartpuff)


1. Note me if you'd like to claim a slot(s)

2. I will confirm your slot(s) and send you my paypal email or direct you to the commission widget on my profile if you are paying with points.

3. After I receive the payment, you can get started on designing your Heartpuff!

4. When you're done creating, NOTE ME to get your design approved by me!

5. I will display your Heartpuff in this journal! Have fun with your new baby!


Q: Can I make a male Heartpuff?

A: Yes!

Q: Can I make a Babypuff?
A: Yes! You can choose between a Heartpuff or a Babypuff.

Q: Is there a deadline for designing my MYO Heartpuff?
A: Nope! Please take your time and have fun!

Q: Can I commission someone to design/draw my MYO Heartpuff for me?
A: Yes!

Q: With my slot, can I turn my existing OC into a Heartpuff?
A: You can definitely do that if you wish to!

Q: Can we use a base?
A: Yes! Here are some of mine that you can purchase to use!

 P2U CHIBI SET - 200 pts! by PikiruP2U Base Set - 200 pts! by PikiruP2U CHIBI SET - 300 pts! by Pikiru


Bullet; Red Do not EVER use your Heartpuff for profit/commercial use.

Bullet; Red You have the rights to the design but please credit me as the species creator.
Bullet; Red NO refunds and NO reselling your slot/MYO Heartpuff. Please only buy a slot if you are serious and truly want to make your own Heartpuff or gift one for a friend.

Heartpuff Species Reference

Important things to note when creating your new Heartpuff:

1. EARS: They have heart-puffs inside both ears. Females have small ribbons on the middle of the puffs and males do not. (please see reference)

2. TAIL: Heartpuffs have a big puffy heart-shaped tail with a ribbon. (please see reference)

3. COMPACT: Please DO NOT design a new compact design. Heartpuff compacts can only look different in color, there can be no compact that has patterns or anything "special" on them! 

Heartpuff Species Concept Art by Pikiru
 ear reference by Pikiru
Heartpuff Compact Reference by Pikiru

compact by Pikiru

MYO Heartpuff Family

Official MYO Heartpuffs! Order is from newest to oldest.
If you are already on this list and create a new heartpuff, they will be placed next to your name.
:new: 116. :iconpantysnatcher: 116. pantysnatcher by MYO-Heartpuff:new:
:new: 115. :iconyukimamae: 115. yukimamae by MYO-Heartpuff:new:
:new: 114. :iconpetpalaceadopts: 114. petpalaceadopts by MYO-Heartpuff:new:
:new: 113. :iconyumikf: 113. yumikf by MYO-Heartpuff:new:
:new: 112. :iconsugah-bee: 112. sugah-bee by MYO-Heartpuff:new:
:new: 111. :iconundin-e: 111. undin-e by MYO-Heartpuff:new:
:new: 110. :iconiberos: 110. iberos by MYO-Heartpuff:new:
:new: 109. :iconwasthatyourcake24: 
109. Wasthatyourcake24 by MYO-Heartpuff:new:
:new: 108. :iconwolf-princess26: 108. wolf-princess26 by MYO-Heartpuff :iconwhitepaperrabbits:co-own with Whitepaperrabbits by MYO-Heartpuff:new:
107. :iconwiley-bun: 107. wiley-bun by MYO-Heartpuff
106. :iconflora-belle: 106. flora-belle by MYO-Heartpuff
105. :iconninjashield5: 105. ninjashield5 by MYO-Heartpuff
104. :iconluluchiii: 104. luluchiii by MYO-Heartpuff
103. :iconanaxxxx: 103. anaxxxx by MYO-Heartpuff
102. :iconshira-ou: 102. shira-ou by MYO-Heartpuff
101. :iconcreativerebel: 1 by MYO-Heartpuff
100. :iconkairi-the-siren: 100. kairi-the-siren by MYO-Heartpuff
99. :iconqria: 99. qria by MYO-Heartpuff
98. :iconchokibelle:98. chokibelle by MYO-Heartpuff
97. :iconilferel: 97. ilferel by MYO-Heartpuff
96. :iconevilkoopa: 96. evilkoopa by MYO-Heartpuff
95. :iconmitsukochou: 95. mitsukichou by MYO-Heartpuff
94. :iconyuumare: 1 by MYO-Heartpuff
93. :iconkotori-tan: 93. kotori-tan by MYO-Heartpuff
92. :iconpalettebunny: 
92. palettebunny by MYO-Heartpuff
91. :icontiffyismee: 91. tiffyismee by MYO-Heartpuff
90. :iconthesettingsunn: 90. thesettingsunn by MYO-Heartpuff
89. :iconvanillecream: 89. vanillecream by MYO-Heartpuff
88. :iconvanny-chii: 88. vanny-chii by MYO-Heartpuff
87. :iconnuku-niku: 87. nuku-niku by MYO-Heartpuff
86. :icontsukimiin: 86. tsukimiin by MYO-Heartpuff
85. :iconminomii: 85. minomii by MYO-Heartpuff
84. :iconfuufuucuddlypoops: 84. FuuFuuCuddlyPoops by MYO-Heartpuff
83. :iconneonmace: 83. NeonMace by MYO-Heartpuff
:iconll-vitiatus-ll: 82. ll-vitiatus-ll by MYO-Heartpuff
81. :iconcherrytreetea: 81. cherrytreetea by MYO-Heartpuff
 :iconstarexorcist: 80. starexorcist by MYO-Heartpuff
79. :iconliliorl: 79. liliori by MYO-Heartpuff
78. :iconeeviebun: 78. eeviebun by MYO-Heartpuff
77. :iconlunadeerest: 77. lunadeerest by MYO-Heartpuff
76. :icondesiredcherry: 76. desiredcherry by MYO-Heartpuff
75. :iconorisu: 1 by MYO-Heartpuff 2 by MYO-Heartpuff3, 4, 5, 6 by MYO-Heartpuff
74. :iconmewmew151: 74. mewmew151 by MYO-Heartpuff
73. :iconnaozx: 1 by MYO-Heartpuff
72. :iconwhitepaperrabbits: 72. whitepaperrabbits by MYO-Heartpuff
71. :iconki0kitty: 71. ki0kitty by MYO-Heartpuff
 :iconjenkiiz: 70. jenkiiz by MYO-Heartpuff
69. :iconpuffellie: 69. puffellie by MYO-Heartpuff
68. :iconpetitebell: 68. petitebell by MYO-Heartpuff
67. :iconrineri: 67. rineri by MYO-Heartpuff

66. :iconbunniiadopts: 66. bunniiadopts by MYO-Heartpuff
65. :iconpunisama: 65. punisama by MYO-Heartpuff
64. :iconxdismalangelx: 64. xdismalangelx by MYO-Heartpuff
63. :iconcuppycakiie: 1 by MYO-Heartpuff 2 by MYO-Heartpuff
62. :iconrelyon: 62. relyon by MYO-Heartpuff
61. :iconlady-bullfinch: 61. lady-bullfinch by MYO-Heartpuff
60. :iconranskink: 60. ranskink by MYO-Heartpuff
59. :iconemiitea: 59. emiitea by MYO-Heartpuff
58. :iconmasochippu: 1 by MYO-Heartpuff
57. :iconjnguyen9558: 57. jnguyen9558 by MYO-Heartpuff
56. :iconnanayuu: 56.nanayuu by MYO-Heartpuff
55. :iconvvingblade: 55. vvingblade by MYO-Heartpuff
54. :iconcattyning: 1 by MYO-Heartpuff
53. :iconsilverangel907::iconluludie: lulidie by MYO-Heartpuffsilverangel907 by MYO-Heartpuff
52. :iconkuumone: 52. kuumone by MYO-Heartpuff
51. :iconui-azuma: 51. ui-azuma by MYO-Heartpuff
50. :iconbunnilu: 1 by MYO-Heartpuff 2 by MYO-Heartpuff
49. :iconcatlepetite: 49. catlepetite by MYO-Heartpuff
48. :iconbabypippo: 48. monobye by MYO-Heartpuff
47. :iconglittergloo::iconhibu-tan:1 by MYO-Heartpuff hibu-tan by MYO-Heartpuff
46. :iconyaoidaddy: 46. yaoidaddy by MYO-Heartpuff
45. :iconbakamakaren-chan: 1 by MYO-Heartpuff 2 by MYO-Heartpuff

44. :iconneko-rina: 1 by MYO-Heartpuff
43. :iconvalyriana: 1 by MYO-Heartpuff2 by MYO-Heartpuff
42. :iconmamuemu: 42. mamuemu by MYO-Heartpuff
41. :iconsakuragx4nina: 41. sakuragx4nina by MYO-Heartpuff
40. :iconcottoneeh: :icongebakje:2 by MYO-HeartpuffTraded to gebakje by MYO-Heartpuff
39. :iconpastyllia: 39. pastyllia by MYO-Heartpuff
38. :iconcarcarchu: 38. carcarchu by MYO-Heartpuff
37. :iconzereshi: 1 by MYO-Heartpuff
36. :iconalibastar: 36. alibastar by MYO-Heartpuff
 35. :iconlitecchi: 35. litecchi by MYO-Heartpuff
 34. :iconjinhii: 34. jinhii by MYO-Heartpuff
 33. :iconinvokersama: 1 by MYO-Heartpuff
32. :iconquaazera: 32. quaazera by MYO-Heartpuff

31. :iconyukina-chi: 31. yukina-chi by MYO-Heartpuff
30. :iconkc-sama: 30. kc-sama by MYO-Heartpuff

29. :iconsuminoio: 1 by MYO-Heartpuff 2 by MYO-Heartpuff

28. :iconpurelai: 1 by MYO-Heartpuff
27. :iconfairyartery: 27. fairyartery by MYO-Heartpuff

26. :iconsheepily: 26. sheepily by MYO-Heartpuff
25. :iconcortisil: 25. cortisil by MYO-Heartpuff
24. :iconcalcipurr: 24. calcipurr by MYO-Heartpuff
23. :iconmerodiiia: 1 by MYO-Heartpuff
22. :iconbipinkbunny: 1 by MYO-Heartpuff 2 by MYO-Heartpuff
21. :iconmrsremi: 21. mrsremi by MYO-Heartpuff
20. :iconoceanella: 20. oceanella by MYO-Heartpuff
19. :iconsailoir: 19. sailoir by MYO-Heartpuff
18. :iconnanayuu: 18. nanayuu by MYO-Heartpuff
17. :iconby-mk: 17. by-mk by MYO-Heartpuff
16. :iconghostkinq: 16. ghostkinq by MYO-Heartpuff
15. :iconlythalia: 1 by MYO-Heartpuff
14. :iconsuiee: 14. suiee by MYO-Heartpuff
13. :iconrerolune: [PRIVATE]
12. :iconyukililu: 12. yukililu by MYO-Heartpuff
11. :iconninthform: 1 by MYO-Heartpuff2 by MYO-Heartpuff
10. :iconmorhaeg: 10. morhaeg by MYO-Heartpuff
9. :iconjorsu: 9. jorsu by MYO-Heartpuff
8. :iconluvlitchi: 1 by MYO-Heartpuff
7. :iconmaruuki: 7. maruuki by MYO-Heartpuff
6. :iconejeect: 1 by MYO-Heartpuff
5. :iconbabywaifu: 5. qyaru by MYO-Heartpuff
4. :iconpeachmaiden: 4. peachmaiden by MYO-Heartpuff
3. :iconeiyre: 1 by MYO-Heartpuff
2. :iconelirel: 1 by MYO-Heartpuff
1. :iconcutesu::iconcharmseii: 1. cutesu and charmseii by MYO-Heartpuff

 I'll update this journal when I approve more designs! ;W;
If you are not on this journal, do not design your own Heartpuff. Thank you!

Heartpuff in the Making

Please note me with your final design when you are done! <3 No rush though, please take your time!
(If you are not on this journal, do not design your own Heartpuff. Thank you!)

1. :iconharukatsune: 2.  3. :iconsueweetie: 4. :iconpastribelle: 5. :iconbaymaxbby: 6. :iconmdleine: 7. :iconsonyaism: 8. :iconcappuchi: 9. :iconkawiku: 10. :iconchanz-diri: 11. :iconpinkstickerz: 12. :iconelirel: 13. :icontsundear: 14. :iconmiyunie: 15. :iconistasha: 16. :iconyukililu: 17. :iconraquach: 18. :iconpiffi-adoptables: 19. :icontetsu-desu: 20. :iconendstart: 21. :iconmiiachuu: 22. :iconparis-chan: 23. :iconmiumeii: 24. :iconchibitea: 25. :iconxanacristinamg: 26. :iconpaichii: 27. :iconyukina-chi: 28. :icontackytician: 29. :iconlucciolacrown: 30. :iconlucciolacrown: 31. :iconvanny-nyah: 32. :iconbonnii: 33. :iconairesfalls: 34. :iconoksa-nya: 35. :iconakikyu: 36. :iconparfywarfy: 37. :iconnyxium: 38. :iconshecatigans: 39. :iconmamuemu: 40. :iconsukiie: 41. :iconhomuah: 42. :iconfran-kha: 43. :iconpaeonn: 44. :iconpaeonn: 45. :iconokshu: 46. :iconitsrieuna: 47. :iconmotaii: 48. :iconsoftyheart001: 49. :iconsoftyheart001: 50. :iconcharurin: : 51. :iconvalyriana: 52. :iconby-mk: 53. :iconby-mk: 54. :iconjupiterjaw: 55. :iconjupiterjaw: 56. :iconmarsharino: 57. :iconsaint-mayhem: 58. :iconsakura20010: 59. :iconxmireille-chanx:
If you are not on this journal, do not design your own Heartpuff. Thank you!


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