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Lovepuff Blush Bunnies are extremely soft and fragile so they need to be handled with care.

They need to be washed every few weeks with warm water and soap. (scented)

Please take good care of your Love Puff. They will love you forever and ever!

Lovepuff 3 [CLOSED] by PikiruLovepuff 2 [SET PRICE,CLOSED] by PikiruLovepuff extra by Pikiru

Q: What are they?
A: They are powder blush bunnies.

Q: Where do they come from?
A: The Lovepuff Kingdom. The Lovepuff Kingdom is said to be a tiny heart shaped planet in outer space. It is so small that scientists have yet to discover it. How the Lovepuffs reach our world is through their compacts, which acts as something similar to a UFO.

Q: Why do they exist?
A: No one really knows why. To spread love perhaps.

Q: Why do they need an owner?
A: In order to survive in the human world, they need a human to take care of it. In the Lovepuff kingdom however, they can of course take care of themselves.

Q: Physical Appearance?
Head: Rabbit ears with heart shaped cotton and a small ribbon inside the ears
Tail: Heart shaped puffy tail with a small ribbon
Height: Roughly 6.5 cm
Z by Pikiru(will polish later)

Q: What is the purpose of the compact case?
A: The initial idea for the compacts is that they are basically homes for the Lovepuffs. Similar to how a pokeball is a safe place for a Pokemon, a Lovepuff’s compact is a place where they can be carried around by their owner safely, and comfortably. (Lovepuffs are very small and fragile so they cannot be handled roughly) However, Lovepuffs dislike sleeping or staying in their compacts for too long. Many prefer their own fluffy bed for slumber.

z by Pikiru(will polish later)

Q: Why do they have to be washed every few weeks?
A: Washing your Lovepuff should be a regular part of you and your Lovepuff's weekly routine. Oil, dirt, powder, and even bacteria can get trapped in your Lovepuff's tail and ears. Properly cleaning your Lovepuff is one of the best ways to protect them and keep them healthy and happy.

Q: Can they get sick?
A: Yes they can, and if they do, it can endanger their lives. Lovepuffs get different sicknesses, similar to how we catch flus or colds. One of them is Powderenza (The Plu), the sickness of not being washed enough or properly.

Q: What do they eat?
A: They may eat whatever food they like as long as it doesn't make them sick. They are all individuals and have different food tastes.

Q: Are all Lovepuffs going to be girls or will there be males too? If there are males, can they reproduce? Are there Lovepuff couples?
A: Yes, there will be male Lovepuffs. When a male and female Lovepuff love each other unconditionally, they can reproduce by sacrificing the ribbons on their tails and placing them together in a special compact case. This process will generate an offspring. Warning: After a Lovepuff loses it's ribbon, it is unable to reproduce. One Lovepuff couple= One Lovepuff baby. On rare cases though, a Lovepuff couple may be able to have twin Lovepuffs.

Q: Do the Lovepuffs have a human form? If so, how do they change into it?
A: If you give your Lovepuff a kiss on it's tail, your Lovepuff will grow into a human-sized Lovepuff for 24 hours. However this is only possible when you and your Lovepuff have a strong enough bond. If your Lovepuff is not entirely comfortable with you, they will not transform. If this is the case, please spend more time with your Lovepuff and try again. This transformation can be possible only one time every month.

Q: What age is the Lovepuff when in human form?
A: Before the owner kisses the tail, they should tell the Lovepuff which age they would like them to match. Otherwise, the Lovepuff will become any age they wish.

Q: What shows that they are in human form?
A: When Lovepuffs transform into human form, they lose their tails and ears so it might be hard to tell if it is a Lovepuff. However, it will gain a special marking/tattoo somewhere on their bodies. (this is up to the owner to design your own tattoo for your Lovepuff)

Q: How do they change back into their Lovepuff form?
A: After the 24 hour period, they immediately fall asleep and change back to their original form. If they are not put back into their compacts within the next 48 hours, they will be asleep forever.

Q: What happens if I can't get my sleeping Lovepuff back in it's compact within 48 hours after it transformed back?
It will be asleep forever. Sending it back to The Lovepuff Kingdom is the best choice. The kingdom has a special place for sleeping Lovepuffs called The Dream Castle, where your Lovepuff may peacefully sleep for all eternity.

Q: Can I wake my Lovepuff up somehow if that happens?
A: No. Once that happens, you lose your Lovepuff forever.

Q: Can Lovepuffs bleed?
A: Yes they can. Their blood color is pink, and smells strongly of sweet perfume. Lovepuff blood is very poisonous so please wear gloves whenever you're dealing with an injured Lovepuff.

Q: How do I treat an injured Lovepuff? Can my Lovepuff die?
A: Gently place it in it's compact and allow your Lovepuff to heal inside there. (It heals faster in there) If severely injured, your Lovepuff might travel back to The Lovepuff Kingdom to get treatment. Yes, your Lovepuff may not make it if you do not get it inside it's compact ASAP when it is showing signs of pain.

Q: Do the Lovepuffs have any special skills/abilities/powers?
A: They are mysterious creatures. However what we know so far is that they can turn into human form, any age, but this is probably not the end of it. Your Lovepuff might show a unique special ability later on, so watch out for that.

Q: Do they have any weaknesses that are specific to their species?
A: They do not like the cold. Especially cold water. If they get in contact with anything cold, they become very startled and may flee to their compacts.

Q: Can they interact with other closed species and OCs?
A: Sure! Go for it!


This is a simple requested Q&A for Lovepuffs :) Feel free to ask me any questions! Thanks for reading! :heart:
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South Korea
Hi there! My name is Chae Rin (채린). I am 19 years old and I live in South Korea.

I love drawing cute characters! The artist name I go by is Pikiru.

Feel free to ask me any questions if you want! Thank you so much for visiting!

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